Celebrating 30 years, China and the CGIAR

China formally joined the CGIAR 30 years ago, a milestone which was celebrated in early June.

As part of the celebrations, I had the honor of taking part in the “Workshop on the 30th anniversary of China-CGIAR Collaboration” during the “4thGlobal Forum of Leaders for Agricultural Science and Technology.” Our key partner, Jikun Huang, Director of the Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and I emphasized a need for a new mode of collaboration between China and IFPRI, that is to promote South-South learning and collaboration.

China’s role in developing countries has increased substantially through trade, investments, and personnel exchanges. IFPRI, using its large presence in developing countries, can facilitate a process of research, policy dialogues, and capacity building to ensure that China’s engagement will bring mutual benefits to both sides in terms of food security and poverty reduction, while protecting natural resources.

IFPRI also held an event for the Chinese Launch of the 2012 Global Food Policy Report, which was well attended by several high-level officials, including Dongke Zhang, Director General  of the Office of Central Rural Work Leading Group, who delivered a keynote speech on the major developments of Chinese agricultural and food policy in 2012.

IFPRI’s collaboration with Chinese institutions has grown significantly in recent years, particularly through the China Strategy Support Program (CSSP).  The International Center for Agricultural and Rural Development was also established by IFPRI and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

I thank Kevin Chen, IFPRI Senior Research Fellow, his staff at the IFPRI Beijing Office, and many other senior researchers for their continued efforts in strengthening this partnership.  For more information, see a recent post highlighting the partnership between IFPRI and China.