Research collaboration for a nexus approach: IFPRI and IIASA

Ensuring food security and nutrition comes with multi-dimensional challenges. A nexus approach—between water, land, and energy—is critical for programs to address some of these challenges by getting the most out of scarce resources while minimizing tradeoffs.

I recently discussed the potential to advance a nexus approach for sustainable development with Dr. Pavel Kabat, the Director General and CEO of International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). It was exciting to see how our institutes could complement each other: Some of IFPRI’s strengths are in policy analysis and nutrition research, and IIASA brings a strong systems approach to critical environmental, economic, technical, and social issues. Together, our institutes could continue our history of collaboration.

There are clear opportunities to work together. For example, as China embarks on its Belt and Road initiative, there is a need for collaborative research to help tackle social, environmental, and economic challenges in countries along the Belt and Road, and beyond. I look forward to further exploring this collaboration with Dr. Kabat and IIASA at upcoming meetings in Beijing.

Photo credit: Xue Chaohua/China Daily