Innovations are key for human and planetary health

To reshape food systems for human and planetary health, innovations will be critical—especially in the Global South. I was honored to share this message at the 18th Global Development Conference on “Science, Technology, and Innovation for Development” held recently in New Delhi and hosted by the Global Development Network (GDN).

With multiple burdens of malnutrition persisting and agriculture contributing to environmental degradation and climate change, global challenges to human nutrition and planetary health are severe. Innovations to food systems in technologies, policies, and institutions are key to addressing these issues and achieving multiple wins. I discuss some opportunities in a recent blog post I wrote for the conference.

At the conference, I was encouraged by the optimism of different stakeholders including civil society organizations, governments, research organizations, and donor agencies in using technological innovations to achieve development goals. By promoting innovations in technologies as well as in policies and institutions, we can together work toward achieving human and planetary health.