Advancing nutrition with the European Commission

I recently had the pleasure of again hosting Neven Mimica, EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, at IFPRI headquarters. Commissioner Mimica, a Leadership Council member for Compact2025, and the European Commission continue to champion nutrition efforts to accelerate progress. Together, we discussed how IFPRI and the European Commission can work more closely together toward addressing emerging issues, enhancing nutrition efforts, and sharing knowledge more effectively.

We discussed the importance of continuing to build the evidence base by evaluating impact of nutrition initiatives and improving policy coherence for accelerated stunting reductions. Moreover we will continue bringing together what we have learned on nutrition-sensitive agriculture, and look for complementarities between our institutions. For example, the Global Report on Food Crisis and the 2018 Global Food Policy Report have clear parallels; the Commissioner mentioned that dealing with food crises should be included in discussions of food policy. Our work in Central Asia also presents opportunities for further collaboration with the European Commission.

I am encouraged that the European Commission supports IFPRI’s strategy refresh as we bring focus on three research areas—food industries for people and planet, urbanization, and climate change—and in our efforts to accelerate progress especially through our upcoming Compact2025 global event in Bangkok in late 2018. I look forward to continuing to partner with Commissioner Mimica and the EC to face emerging issues and advance food security and nutrition globally.