Business as Unusual – Shenggen Fan – June 23, 2010

IFPRI Director General, Shenggen Fan discusses new report on reaching the First Millennium Development Goal. More info at

Address to Bangladesh Food Security Investment Forum

Bangladesh has undergone remarkable economic transformation and development during the past 50 years through the implementation of a range of reforms, technological innovations, and strategic policies.

Shenggen Fan, Director General, IFPRI

The first step in reducing poverty and hunger in developing countries is to invest in agriculture and rural development. Most of the world’s poor and hungry people live in rural areas in Africa and Asia and depend on agriculture for their livelihoods, but many developing countries continue to underinvest in agriculture. Research in Africa and >> Read more

Role of Emerging Countries in Global Food Security

Role of Emerging Countries in Global Food Security View more presentations from Shenggen Fan.