Inspiring Two-Day Conference at Chatham House

I was very glad to participate in a stimulating conference on Transforming the Food Production System, from December 14-15 in London, United Kingdom. Over these two days, Chatham House, a leading UK think-tank brought together speakers from around the world to map-out opportunities and challenges for boosting agriculture in developing countries.

Food Security and Development: Engaging with the European Commissioner for Agriculture

Earlier last month, I was invited to give a keynote speech on global food security at the First Brussels High Level Lecture on Food Security and Development, in Belgium. This first of its kind event was organized by the Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance (LICOS, KULeuven) and the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) with support from the European Commission (EC).

Forging a Common Understanding of the Water, Energy, and Food Security Nexus

Last week I participated in the Bonn2011 Conference on the Water, Energy, and Food Security Nexus (November 16-18 - Bonn, Germany). The Conference brought together stakeholders from the water, energy and food sectors to forge a common understanding of water-energy-food security linkages. As an Outcome Ambassador, I presented recommendations on “how to make the nexus work for the poor.” In particular, the impacts of energy and water strategies on food security, and vice versa, must be properly assessed. Also, methods for monitoring and measuring the outcomes and impacts of nexus approaches and initiatives are urgently needed.

Looking at Food and Nutrition Security

At the International Conference on Food and Nutrition held recently in Beijing in China, I argued that in order to achieve better health and nutrition, the agenda for nutrition security needs to build on the linkages that exist between agriculture, health, and nutrition. In particular I proposed that a new agenda for nutrition security should build on the following four action principles: 1) fill the knowledge gaps; 2) do no harm; 3) seek out and scale up innovative solutions and 4) create an environment in which cooperation can thrive.