Agriculture and Food Security in China: Ten Years of WTO Membership

On December 11, China celebrated its ten year anniversary as a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Joining the WTO has been a significant “coming of age” step for the Chinese economy, presenting both opportunities and challenges for China’s future development.

Welcoming Secretary Clinton to IFPRI

On August 11th 2011, Hillary Rodham Clinton, U. S. Secretary of State, visited IFPRI and delivered an address on the food security crisis in the Horn of Africa. In her inspiring address she emphasized the urgent needs of those affected by the current famine and the need for longer term interventions that rely on the research and analysis provided by organizations like ours to ensure food security in the region.

Drought in the Horn of Africa

On behalf of IFPRI, I would like to express my sympathy to those who are suffering in the Horn of Africa and my commitment to seeing the damage from this crisis reversed. In a statement I made at the peak of the crisis, I highlight urgent actions that must be taken to help people in the Horn of Africa cope with the current emergency and prevent future drought-induced food crises.

How to Prevent another Food Crisis

Food prices are now soaring to new highs only three years after the 2007-08 food crisis. The international prices of wheat, for example, increased by 85 percent between June 2010 and January 2011. Domestic food prices are also rising in many countries. Food inflation in China, for example, rose to 10 percent between December 2009 >> Read more

IFPRI Director General is awarded honorary degree from Panjab University

At the Panjab University 60th Annual Convocation, Dr. Shenggen Fan was conferred upon with Doctor of Science degree (honoris causa). For more details, see the Panjab University website: