A New Year’s resolution to consider—cut food loss and waste

The holiday season is just over. In the past few weeks, numerous families around the globe filled their plates with holiday-themed food and consumed in merriment, but also discarded a lot of food. Many people are now thinking of New Year's resolutions, such as shedding the extra pounds gained from eating at various festivities. A >> Read more

Toward food secure China

Food security in China is increasingly challenged by a combination of different factors such as increasing demand, rapid urbanization, limited natural resources and rural labor supply, and higher risk of food safety and environmental problems. The No 1 Central Document released by the government of China on Sunday, January 19, reiterated the importance of improving >> Read more

Celebrating 30 years, China and the CGIAR

China formally joined the CGIAR 30 years ago, a milestone which was celebrated in early June. As part of the celebrations, I had the honor of taking part in the “Workshop on the 30th anniversary of China-CGIAR Collaboration” during the “4thGlobal Forum of Leaders for Agricultural Science and Technology.” Our key partner, Jikun Huang, Director >> Read more

New Chinese leadership must take measures to continue the transformation of rural areas

I was recently invited to provide guest commentary for the China Daily, where my contribution, “Accelerating Rural Reforms,” highlighted the need for China's new leadership to continue the country's push to accelerate rural development. China’s rural development has been noteworthy in recent years. Agricultural output has continually increased, rural incomes have improved significantly, and the >> Read more

Enhancing Food Security and Sustainable Development

On June 12, I participated in a Rio+20 side event hosted by the Center for Strategic Studies and Management Science, Technology, and Innovation (CGEE) at the Brazilian Development Bank in Rio de Janeiro. The event brought together several experts to identify and discuss the main challenges for the future of the food production sector to >> Read more

Enhancing collaboration with CAAS

Dr. Li Jiayang, the new President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), and his delegation visited IFPRI on Tuesday May 1. CAAS has been leading agricultural research and innovation in China for 55 years and is currently one of the largest agricultural research institutes in the world. The Academy serves as the focal >> Read more