Toward food secure China

Food security in China is increasingly challenged by a combination of different factors such as increasing demand, rapid urbanization, limited natural resources and rural labor supply, and higher risk of food safety and environmental problems. The No 1 Central Document released by the government of China on Sunday, January 19, reiterated the importance of improving >> Read more

From subsistence to profit: Transforming smallholder farms

The global agriculture and food system is being rapidly transformed. What would be the role of smallholder farmers in this process? Is small still beautiful in today’s global food security equation? In a new report “From Subsistence to Profit: Transforming Smallholder Farms,” my co-authors and I argue that smallholders still have an important role to >> Read more

Celebrating 30 years, China and the CGIAR

China formally joined the CGIAR 30 years ago, a milestone which was celebrated in early June. As part of the celebrations, I had the honor of taking part in the “Workshop on the 30th anniversary of China-CGIAR Collaboration” during the “4thGlobal Forum of Leaders for Agricultural Science and Technology.” Our key partner, Jikun Huang, Director >> Read more

IFPRI’s strong research performance

Food policies based on strong evidence are critical for promoting agricultural development and combatting global hunger and malnutrition. Food policy research at IFPRI contributes to generating this evidence. Amid a continually changing global landscape, and rapid growth of the Institute itself, I am very proud of IFPRI’s strong research productivity. IFPRI now ranks 2nd in >> Read more

Economic transformation, but also food secure? Reflections from a trip to West Africa

I was just in Dakar, Senegal for the semi-annual IFPRI Board of Trustees meeting. While I was there, I also took part in several events aimed at advancing agricultural and economic transformation in West Africa. On May 15, IFPRI, together with the Faculty of Economics and Management at Cheikh Anta Diop University and the Senegalese >> Read more

The road ahead for India’s National Food Security Bill

I recently provided a guest commentary for the East Asia Forum Quarterly. My piece “The Road Ahead for India’s National Food Security Bill” highlights the importance of India’s proposed National Food Security Bill. The bill holds the potential to improve food access for most of the country’s poor and vulnerable. However, India will need to >> Read more