Multisectoral approaches are key to improve nutrition in India

India has taken large strides to reduce hunger and undernutrition. According to IFPRI’s 2014 Global Hunger Index (GHI), India’s GHI score declined by 6.4 points between the 2005 GHI and 2014 GHI. During the same period, prevalence of child underweight fell by 12.8 percentage points. These achievements are remarkable, but complacency must be avoided. Though >> Read more

Enhancing Profitability of Smallholder Family Farms

As the International Year of Family Farming moves past its halfway point, various discussions at the national, regional, and global levels have focused on solutions for supporting sustainable family farming. One such discussion was a Regional Consultation for the Asia-Pacific region in Chennai, India, from August 7-10, 2014, titled the “Role of Family Farming in >> Read more

The road ahead for India’s National Food Security Bill

I recently provided a guest commentary for the East Asia Forum Quarterly. My piece “The Road Ahead for India’s National Food Security Bill” highlights the importance of India’s proposed National Food Security Bill. The bill holds the potential to improve food access for most of the country’s poor and vulnerable. However, India will need to >> Read more

Tough policy choices among agriculture, food, nutrition, and the environment: Reflections from my recent trip to India

I recently visited several organizations and government agencies throughout India to discuss the challenges and opportunities the country currently faces. India is at a crossroads. Policy debates are ongoing between the need for agricultural growth, improved food security, better nutrition and health, and natural resource protection. There is a need for evidence based policy options >> Read more